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These pictures tell a story. Beginning on the road outside of our apartment. From here, you look through one building into a garden. On the other side of the garden lies the building we call home.

Through the “hallway” and into the Hof (enclosed garden) you are welcomed with a blooming spring, and if you look closely, you can see my jeans on the dryer (or window sill in English). Up one flight of stairs, and then you can see the #8 Monster which guards over our 300 squard foot castle!

From the front door looking forward, our cozy kitchen. However, if you turn right, you see the room where I spend most of my time. The bathroom!

On the other side of the kitchen wall is our bedroom/living room/study/fitness room/laundry drying room.

We have a “hoch bett”, which gives us a little more space than a bed on the ground, but involves a lot of climbing.

So, feel welcome and make yourselves at home. Just don’t eat my last piece of chocolate, and rinse your dishes off before you lay them in the sink!