I’ve never been one to be shy of growing older. I think that we, as human beings–creatures–should be proud of each year we survive this crazy game we’re thrust into. However, in this week of August, as the pages of the calendar marking days slowly peel back and fall away, my looming 29th birthday has caught me by surprise. It’s not so much the number of years as it is the lack of number of accomplishments. And none of this would be a problem if it weren’t for one stupid morning this week when the men renovating an apartment across the Hof woke me up with their lärm.

Shaving is really an ignorant ritual we all subject ourselves too. And it’s also something men and women can equally relate too. Women are told that they should shave their legs, and men their faces. So, on Tuesday I obliged. With the face part. I received a light knick on my chin, in the same place as always near an old scar from an incident when I was younger. I don’t care to explain the incident now, but we’ll call it the, “Andy fell out of a tree and sliced his face open on the way down” incident. I won’t bring up the, “Andy fell out of a tree and sliced his face open on the way down” incident again because it has absolutely nothing to do with my story. On Wednesday when I awoke earlier than expected (apparently it’s okay to start drilling into concrete at 7 a.m. in Austria), due to the aforementioned lärm, I was further disturbed to find that my face was rough as a grainy sandpaper and that I needed to shave… TWO DAYS IN A ROW. So what does this back to back shaving mean??? I’m gettin’ up there.
In this week I have become conscious that I am nearing 29 years old. The age my parents were when I was 7…
But the shock has been short lived, because to be perfectly honest, I haven’t had any real goals for my life until the last year, and I’m doing everything I can to achieve them. What’s a number, right? (Of course, the lack of numbers in my bank account could prove to be significant).

And for those of you who come for RUNNING INFO:

I woke up last Thursday with a slight cold (sore throat, cough, sneeze, crazy runny nose) that persisted until Wednesday of this week, which was disheartening. However, it didn’t stop me from getting out for a 2 hour long run on the weekend, up and over Jungfrau (I think it’s called that…) and Plabutsch, covering around 800m (2600ish feet) of climbing in somewhere around 25 to 27 kilometers. I was definitely needing a good long slog on the trails, through the trails and up some (albeit small) mountains.
I followed that up on Tuesday with a track session of 400/400/800/800/400/400 with 400 jog recovery, starting at 70’s for the first couple of 4’s, 2:26 for the first 8 (went through the first 2 in 39… killed me) and 2:22 for the second 8 before dropping a smooth 68 and finishing with a strong relaxed 64 for the last 400. It took me the entire workout to warm up, and on the last 400 I finally found the speed I’ve been missing throughout this entire marathon build-up.

I’m running relaxed and easy through the rest of the week (Wed. 16km, Thurs. 10km, Fri. 8km + strides) and tomorrow, Saturday, I’m running a half marathon in Vienna. It’s a strong field, so wish me luck!