Walking is healthy. But, I prefer to run.

I’m the type who prefers occasionally running to work or school, as opposed to walking or hopping on the tram. Unfortunately, I am still struggling with an injury that has weighed upon my self-esteem and emotional balance since early November.

I just want to run pain free. Speed is not something I’m remotely interested in at the moment, and winning races isn’t something I allow myself to daydream about. I just want to wake up early and share sweat with the sun as she makes her daily climb over the horizon.

The doctor, the massage therapist, and the Osteo have all done a little bit to make my body, in the larger picture, feel lighter, healthier,  and happier, but the the worst of worsts has yet to be solved.

I guess I’ll go now. I need to give a Physical Therapist a call.

I hope you’re happy and healthy. Blow the rising sun a kiss for me.